Our Core Team

30+ Years in Mortgage Lending, Canadian Real Estate and Fintech

Michele Squeo

Michele Squeo

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Donaubauer

Michelle Donaubauer

Director of Operations

Ankush Jaswal

Ankush Jaswal

Director of Technology

Kelly Mcbride

Kelly Mcbride

Director of Client Care

About LMC Mortgage Investment Corporation

With over 400 Mortgage investment corporations to choose from in Canada, what should you look for?

The LMC management boasts a 30+ years’ experience in mortgage lending, real estate and securities, this puts your investment at the forefront of opportunities. With a highly competitive lending rate we attract borrowers that are more stable and focused on exit strategies and we create loyalty with our brokers and borrowers alike to turn to us first for their next opportunity.

LMC operates a wide network of origination by offering In-house White-label products within trusted mortgage brokerages. This strategy has been successful in customizing solutions specific to the borrowers needs all while mitigating risk and working with mortgage agents on an exit plan.

LMC is the first of its business model to mesh the technology and borrower experience while paying a broker compensation on renewals on good standing active mortgages.

But that’s not why you should invest with LMC! Investments don’t happen overnight – Put a plan in motion today!

Invest with LMC to grow your money at upto 9% yield and also receive a bonus of upto another 1% on consistent and safer placements across Ontario. By expanding our service foot print province wide, we have become a reliable and trusted partner to brokers looking for a competitive rate for their clients observing lower loan-to-value and this delivers us the diversity to ensure consistently higher returns.

Investment Yield

Compare Our higher returns on lower risks. Under our Offering Memorandum, we aim to maintain 70% or less on Portfolio Loan to Value which helps us during volatile markets and lets us offer upto 85% during more stable periods. This flexibility helps us deliver one of the highest returns in the industry. Our projected returns for FY 2023 take into consideration the rising rates and

1st Mortgages


Annual Yield

1st & 2nd Mortgages Mix


Annual Yield

2nd Mortgages


Annual Yield

Talk to an Investment Advisor to see how you can benefit from diversifying your portfolio into buckets of reduced risk and moderated risk thresholds.

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Oversight of our operations with a board that guides us with their Lending, Investment, Real Estate and Accounting backgrounds.

Rajesh Sharma

Board Member

Rajesh brings to LMC MIC a perspective and guidance in financial literacy aimed at helping us deliver a consistent education to our investors and borrowers alike. This structure and knowledge sharing has allowed us to build a closer relation with our investor community as they continue to re-invest with us and also bring our broker partners together to help our borrowers exit our mortgage products.

Amitabh Chakrivarty

Board Member

Amitabh as an Ex- VP at SBI Canada helps LMC with policy creation, borrower vetting and due diligence processes. When Amitabh is not guiding us, he is an avid real estate investor with strong banking and finance background.

Vickie Zemelman

Board Member

A realtor and real estate investor by profession, Vickie brings an immense knowledge in real estate and helping us decide on what properties stand to be great investment opportunites. Vickie’s efforts have helped us acheive our proprietary property valuation model to help us deliver effcient underwriting to our clients and broker partners.

Jahanzaib Khalid

Board Member

Jahanzaib is an active and practising member of the upper law sociatey and as a lawyer specializing in Real estate law, guides us through day to day transaction ensuring the safety and consistency in our lending operations.

Maya Molson

Board Member

Maya has a decade of retail private lending experience under her belt regarded a subject matter expert  as a Private Lending Mortgage Broker. Maya has successfully brokered hundreds of residential and commercial mortgage deals in the private lending space and takes pride in getting deals done and assisting clients. She has an exceptional interest in vetting deals for risk and fully understands the investor’s side of the business.

Haskell Nussbaum

Board Member

Haskell practices law and specializes in Real Estate & Business Law, he also serves on our committee to help us with legal concerns around power of sale and enforcement law. Haskell has been pivotal in helping us build a safe and compliant lending practice that protects the investors in every angle.









Cash Savings



  • Invest how you want, with absolute flexibility
  • With Registered Plan administrator Partnerships, you can put your money to work harder.
  • Invest for short term or long term commitments


LMC aims to achieve these performance levels in FY 2023 based on past performance trajectory

Current Mortgage Placements

Portfolio Loan to Value


Combined Risk Exposure

Average Deal Size


Aggregate of 1st % 2nd Positions

Declared Yield


Annual Return

Increase Your Earnings with LMC

LMC Mortgage Investment Corporation is dedicated to offering a competitive rate to its borrowers with an efficient and quick turnaround. This is what gives us the edge of returning clients and ability to churn the mortgage multiple times within a single year. The additional revenue supports our portfolio growth in yield offering as well as the size of the portfolio.

LMC First Mortgage Equity Only

LMC First Mortgage Equity Only

Lower LTV borrowers accross Ontario benefit from competitive rates and a conservative Risk approach for investors

LMC Short Term  FLEX Loans

LMC Short Term FLEX Loans

Quick Access to funds for short term needs with an evident exit strategy protects investors from long term risk

LMC Second Mortgage & 1st & 2nd Bundles

LMC Second Mortgage & 1st & 2nd Bundles

Higher Returns upto 11% mitigated by property, servicability or cross collateral, these products come with higher risks

LMC Mortgage Investment Corporation is carefully managed by a team of experts in the finance, real estate and mortgage lending space. With 30+ years backing the management you can be sure that your investment is in safe hands.

Our 3 Step Investment Approach

We have narrowed it down to a science, with our own money invested into the mortgage corporation, we know what it takes to protect yours!

01 Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Risk Analysis and Mitigation

02 Safe and Consistent Higher Yield Returns

Safe and Consistent Higher Yield Returns

03 Proprietary Underwriting and Due Dilingence

Proprietary Underwriting and Due Dilingence

We deliver consistent returns with every single mortgage placement being carefully evaluated for cash flow, exit strategy and a short term liquidity solution.

Why Invest with LMC?

There is more to an investment than just it's placement. At LMC we start with an avoidance strategy, to ensure our capital is applied against the best of the best opportunties we grade each transaction before funding and carefully strategize a Plan B for every mortgage funded. Learn how we put technology to use to protect your money and generate some of the highest industry returns.

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Consistent Returns, Higher Yields

We mastered a process. Where others are running the business on an excel sheet, we integrated technology from the investment intake to the borrowers funding! A digital trail on every dollar means accoutability for every dollar spent well.

Our electronic mortgage origination using a well connected network of mortgage brokers and consistent standard of proprietary underwriting technology delivers fast approvals, saving time and money for the management and delivering higher returns, with returning borrowers and smiling faces!

  • 01

    Diversified Portfolio

  • 02

    Hands Free Investing

  • 03

    Strong Risk Mitigation

  • 04

    Avg. Annual Yield 8.5%

Interested in investing, check out our frequently asked questions

Our mortgages are offered in the form of a first and second position charge upto a maximum Loan-to-Value of 85%, however in market with high volatility we observe a lower risk and max out between 70-75% LTV. We strictly lend on residential properties across Ontario with a minimum population size of 25,000 or more. Most of our mortgage placements are well situated close to larger towns and cities and suburban areas in Ontario.

Our lending model is available for direct consumers and our loyal mortgage broker community across Ontario. We focus on clients through our broker channel to maintain business continuity.

LMC MIC is a mortgage investment corporation operating under section 130.1 of the Income Tax Act (Canada) (the “Act”) where investors categorized under non-qualified, qualified and accredited can opt to invest and purchase shares of the company that generates a revenue from lending against properties. The investment intake process is managed under an exemption within private markets under the regulation of OSC (Ontario Securities Commission) and each investment is vetted by an EMD (Exempt Market Dealer). The mortgage funding management is facilitated by Lendmax Inc. that operates under the regulation of FSRAO (Financial Services Regulatory Authority Ontario) to ensure accurate mortgage payment, arrears and funding administration.

What are the benefits of MIC investing?

1. Canadian Residential Real Estate strength derives from our community holding a priority over payments towards a shelter in high regard. This allows a MIC to invest into the real estate where over decades we have seen a consistent incline and appreciation of property values. As a MIC shares sold to investors raise capital to lend mortgages to borrowers under a strict criteria of qualification that offers a pre-meditated return on the loan advanced. This is an amazing solution to increasing cashflow to your portfolio.
2. RRSP / RESP / TFSA / LIRA Eligibility to invest in a MIC compares to other products that may be invested under these vehicles. Registered accounts of these nature are a great way to reduce or remove tax liabilities in growth of your principal amount. Holding and managing your self-directed RRSP or RRIF accounts is easy.
3. Competitive Returns: Put your money to use by yielding above 7% in consistent and stable dividends, using the MIC investment model, you are investing in a brick & mortar opportunity that has been carefully vetted by the MIC management as a promising return.
4. Professional Management: An experienced team that manages your money by utilizing their expertise in mortgage lending, real estate, property acquisitions and financing can help you generate safer returns on your investment.
5. Diversification: Today’s market volatility demands a modest approach in hedging risks elsewhere, by investing in a MIC, a stable and consistent return you can reduce your exposure to the market and losses.

Although real estate investing is considered one of the safest investments, risks still exist in mortgage lending. All property investments are subject to elements of risk. Property value is affected by general economic conditions, local real estate markets, the attractiveness of the property to tenants, competition from other available properties and other factors. While independent appraisals are required before the corporation may make any mortgage investment, the appraised values provided therein, even where reported on an “as is” basis, are not necessarily always reflective of the market value of the underlying property, which may fluctuate. The MICs’ income and funds available for distribution to security holders would be adversely affected if a significant number of borrowers were unable to pay their obligations. Upon default by a borrower, LMC MIC may experience delays in enforcing its’ rights as lender and could incur costs in protecting its investment. To mitigate these risks, the experienced team of Underwriters at LMC MIC carefully review every application to reduce the possibility of non-performing loans. Furthermore, strict loan to value guidelines and a proactive approach to collections ensure enough equity is available to recover outstanding loan balances in case of foreclosure.

LMC MIC has a 12 month redemption period which commences from the month end of initial subscription. After the redemption period expires, an investor can withdraw their funds simply by advising us in writing so that a redemption notice received will be effective within 15 days of the end of the quarter following the quarter in which the redemption request is received. We also have a compassionate early redemption and death of shareholder policy which allows a surviving spouse to have the investment redeemed earlier than the normal maturity date. Please refer to Offering Memorandum for further detail.

For income tax purposes, the returns that our investors receive are treated as interest, not as dividends.

Investing using your registered accounts is easy, with our Partnerships with Plan Administrators like Olympia Trust and Western Pacific, we can assist with account opening and help facilitate your fund transfer requests.

Our investors can choose to take advantage of our automatic dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) and gain the benefit of compounding their return. Alternatively our investors can receive their monthly dividends by direct deposit to a specified account.

No. Our underlying security is the Canadian real estate property against which we have mortgage charges and, in most cases, the personal guarantees of the owners of the property.

LMC MIC focuses on residential properties in urban and suburban areas in Ontario that are highly marketable. LMC MIC’s clients are mostly self-employed, new immigrants and borrowers with soft, poor or no credit. We mitigate the risk with our proprietary underwriting model.

The residential mortgage market surpassed $1.3 trillion dollars in 2016. It has been growing at an annual growth rate of 7% compounded every year for the last 10 years. The Banks and Trust Companies focus on the 80% of the market. Due to tighter restrictions by the regulators the Banks and Trust Companies have restricted their lending practices. This has created a larger opportunity for LMC.

A Risk Threshold For Every Investor

Brick and Mortar. Invest in LMC knowing we have an active and hands-on asset management team with years of experience to suit every investor risk bucket. We believe we provide better alternatives to banks and other investment advisors with a minimum investment starting at just $5000 in cash or a registered vehicle of your choice, all of this with $0 Management Fees.